Tools for Social Change

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) is concerned with the rights of migrant workers and
their families, in particular those who are at risk of poverty, social exclusion and discrimination. Established in 2001 to bridge a gap in support structures and information provision for migrant workers, it has since evolved to become a national organisation concerned with: providing supports to migrant workers and their families, achieving policy change and empowering migrant workers through community work practice.

Over the years, MRCI has developed good community work practice with migrant workers, focusing in particular on supporting the participation of those who are in situations of vulnerability, for example undocumented migrant workers or those experiencing exploitation in the workplace. Through politicising migrant workers and supporting the organisation of campaigns, MRCI supports collective action on issues of concern to migrant workers and their families. Through its various action groups and the
Migrants Forum, MRCI aims to create spaces for migrant workers to have their voices heard, identify the issues facing them, and collectively take action on these issues. Through its leadership development work MRCI is also committed to supporting migrant workers to take on leadership roles in the work of the organisation and in the wider community.

This work is constantly evolving but is always informed by a set of principles and standards, and underpinned by a commitment to social justice, equality and anti-discrimination. MRCI is committed to supporting the development of good community work practice with migrant workers and their families and does so in a number of ways: through ongoing training with the community sector, by providing direct support to locally-based organisations, and by continuously documenting and sharing the analysis and learning that has been developed by the organisation. This resource guide aims to capture and share some of the analysis and learning developed in the area of community work with migrant workers.

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