Tools for Change

The aim of this resource is to assist community workers and activists in their core work of promoting social change through collective action, challenging inequality and promoting social inclusion in Irish society. Community work plays a key role in this quest for social justice and equality. This toolkit clarifi es what community work is and offers practical advice on how to undertake community work that promotes inclusion and equality.
The first section of the toolkit explores an understanding of community, community work and the role of the community worker. It also locates the role of community work within broader efforts to reduce poverty and inequality. Finally, section one discusses the role of community work and its contribution the process of broadening democracy.

Having outlined some of the basic understandings of community work, Section 2 moves on to explore some practical community work options, including: the application of social analysis; the importance of participation and mechanisms to build it, both in broader democratic processes and within local structures and community work organisations; community work in a rural context; tensions, confl ict and community work; influencing
policy making; how to do effective advocacy work; undertaking advocacy research; and the political system and community work. Discussion in this section is reinforced by case studies of community work in action and supported by suggestions for accessing additional information and/or resources.

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