Public Participation and Civic Engagement in European Rural Areas Lifelong Learning in practice


Main aim of the following article is to summarize and hand over our experience with specific approach of the adult education coming out from implementation of the  project  “Becoming a Change Agent for Rural Citizenship – A Qualification Programme for Rural Areas in Europe” (QuaPro).

The project is an initiative by eight organizations to develop a new educational approach towards tackling contemporary challenges in rural areas that are common in many European countries. It addresses active citizens of rural areas, public servants and local politicians, inviting them to jointly participate in an innovative training course on rural citizenship that is developed by the project partners and tested in different European settings (Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Germany).

The training course is intended for individuals who may act as multipliers in their respective spheres because they have acquired additional knowledge, clarity of their roles in community development and competencies in designing processes.  As a result we achieved that participants are enabled to play a more active role in society. The politicians are more competent in dealing with citizen participation and staff of public administration acquired skills in management, communication and process steering.

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