Tools for Social Change

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) is concerned with the rights of migrant workers and their families, in particular those who are at risk of poverty, social exclusion and discrimination. Established in 2001 to bridge a gap in support structures and information provision for migrant workers, it has since evolved to become a national organisation concerned with: providing… | Read on »

Tools for Change

The aim of this resource is to assist community workers and activists in their core work of promoting social change through collective action, challenging inequality and promoting social inclusion in Irish society. Community work plays a key role in this quest for social justice and equality. This toolkit clarifi es what community work is and offers practical advice… | Read on »

Community Work Approaches to Health Inequalities

The Community Workers Co-operative (CWC) is committed to the promotion of Community Work as an intervention for social change. A key element of its work has been, and continues to be, the active promotion and advancement of an equality agenda and the promotion of Community Work approaches to equality issues within the various arenas within… | Read on »

Building Peace & Democracy in Ireland North and South

The conference on the ‘Role of the Community and Voluntary Sector in Building Peace and Democracy’ held in Dundalk on the 15th June 2006 was the culmination of a series of meetings and workshops held by the CWC in 2005 with the community sector.1 These all expressed a growing concern about the way in which… | Read on »