“Empowered Communities – Active EU Citizens” (ECAEC)

CEBSD has been funded through the ‘Europe for Citizens’ programme to implement the project Empowered Communities – Active EU Citizens.

The project aims at creating a common framework for community development focusing on defining CD, explaining its purpose, the methods its practitioners use to achieve the purpose, tools to support the engagement and mobilisation of communities and the key outcomes from this work. The framework will be built with the contribution of civil society organisations coming from 10 different European countries thus ensuring its applicability to different organisations, countries, and contexts while acknowledging the differences associated with different sets of legislation and policies but recognising the key similarities in values and principles.

The main activities carried out in the project will be: common meeting involving all project partners, to clarify the purpose, structure and methodology for building up the common framework; meetings at the national level to discus, analyse and synthesise important aspects of community development work; common workshop for building up the framework; production of a brief publication presenting the framework; production of a DVD highlighting specific examples and dimensions of good practice across a number of countries ; national workshops for the dissemination of the framework and of the DVD; dissemination event.


Our ambition is that the common framework will be used to help Community Development praxis to become prominent on a European platform. It will highlight the importance of Community Development’s contribution to building a more equal and democratic society and to achieving social change. The framework will be used to focus attention and influence policy on the promotion and implementation of Community Development approaches at European and country level.

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