EuCDN Projects

Grundtvig – Network for Community development with marginalised social groups

This resource is one of the outputs of a partnership formed by four European organisations involved in community work and citizen participation with disadvantaged or marginalised social groups in numerous and diverse locations throughout Europe. The partnership includes Scottish Community Development Centre (UK), Cooperativa Estrategies de Transformacio Comunitaria Sostenible (Spain), Association of Local Democracy Agencies (France), Association of Community Developers . . .

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Citizens Acting & Learning Project

This project proposes to expand and disseminate practical knowledge about local citizen participation in Central and Eastern Europe not least in comparison with Western Europe. Guided by civil society experts and activists, a mapping of local community participation will be conducted across post-communist countries as well as a few selected Western European countries . The mapping’s results will be . . .

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Citizens Acting and Learning for Local Democracy in Europe – CALLDE

CEBSD was the main partner for the CEE Citizens Network’s project “Citizens Acting and Learning for Local Democracy in Europe – CALLDE” funded by EU Lifelong Learning Programme. The project, which ran from November 1, 2010 – October 31, 2011 aimed to expand and disseminate practical knowledge about local citizen participation in Central and Eastern Europe in comparison with Western Europe . . .

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People & Politics

The learning partnership ‘People and Politics’ provided learning exchanges to exchange and improve methods for citizen participation. The focus was the exchange of methods which led to actual change in community issues concerning local community development.

Besides exchanges between citizens, local politicians, citizen organizations and trainers, as well as local administrators all concerned with a sustainable local development the project . . .

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Community Based Learning

The main purpose of the Seminar is to explore how to share the results of exchanges on community-based training and learning. The seminar is part of a European-funded project on Training and Learning for Community Development, which is run by European Consortium of 16 partners from non-Governmental organisations under the leadership of the Combined European Bureau for . . .

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“Empowered Communities – Active EU Citizens” (ECAEC)

CEBSD has been funded through the ‘Europe for Citizens’ programme to implement the project Empowered Communities – Active EU Citizens.

The project aims at creating a common framework for community development focusing on defining CD, explaining its purpose, the methods its practitioners use to achieve the purpose, tools to support the engagement and mobilisation of communities and the key outcomes from . . .

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