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Citizen Participation University

EuCDN, the Citizen Participation University and the Co-operative in Kunbábony EuCDN were part of the founding of the Citizen Participation University (CPU) which has been very successful in promoting local grassroots community work across Europe.  This year perhaps not surprisingly with the Covid pandemic and travel restrictions the decision was taken to cancel the summer… | Read on »

The New Normal?

 The New Normal?  Back in 2014 Barack Obama warned about the need to cast aside differences and prepare for an upcoming pandemic. Well, we were ill prepared for Covid 19 and many many people across the globe contracted the virus and as of early July almost 544,000 people have died.  Social isolation, social distancing, lockdowns,… | Read on »

Inclusion, Justice, Participation

Inclusion, Justice, Participation is the latest publication from the EuCDN. It looks at community development across Europe over the last 25 years. There are papers on tackling poverty and inequality, on migration and racism, on the democratic  deficit and on environmental and social justice. These are challenges for community development for the next 5 years. Community… | Read on »

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Latest news from across Europe

Update 13 FinalNews from Ukraine, Scotland, Poland, Belgium and Romania, and from the social development lobbies. Sustainability, human rights, procurement are current issues of concern

Sustainable development needs community development!

EuCDN argues that without community development, the sustainable development goals will be unattainable. Our new Briefing unpacks the ideas and the issues>

Hot off the press – our latest Update

Full of news about our members activities, campaigning on social and community issues, and our views and plans. You will find it here.

Our agenda for community development

The  Krakow Declaration sets out our vision for the future of community development in Europe. To keep in touch, follow us on our Facebook page.

Community development is sustainable development!

Here’s a wee video summarising the sustainable development goals …

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We have a new brochure, setting out who we are, why community development is needed across Europe, and how we can help bring it about: EuCDN brochure