The Ideas Bank Foundation

The Ideas Bank Foundation,Oslo,Norway-a national and Nordic resource center for Agenda 21 and local sustainable development.

For over 20 years the Ideas Bank Foundation, based in Oslo,Norway, has had the task – and the pleasure – of charting and documenting success stories in sustainable development from Norway, the Nordic countries, Europe and beyond. Our focus is sustainable community development and social innovation – especially local but also at national and international level. Target groups are politicians, researchers, municipal administrators, educational institutions both formal and non-formal, citizens and civil society organisations.

Core activities are:

  • Courses and presentations about sustainable development – local as well as the broad global perspective – involving ecological, economic and social dimensions
  • Practice and development of methods for democratic dialogue and citizen participation
  • Network building on a Nordic and European basis, promoting cross-sectoral bridge building in particular.
  • Also links and activities with developing countries andEastern Europe
  • Information and policy advice to and cooperation with national and local authorities on sustainability topics, as well as on conferences and other activities.
  • Documentation and dissemination of state of the art programs and projects that lead the way to a sustainable future. Our databases represent best practice in resource conservation, global responsibility and developing of vibrant local communities
  • Dissemination is by seminars, reports, our website, newsletters, articles and publications as well as by various democratic and participatory processes, such as Future Scenario Workshops and our Dialogue Workshop where all stakeholders – professionals, NGOs, politicians and others study and evaluate best practice as a contribution to issues and projects related to sustainable development.

The Ideas Bank Foundation represents a uniquely cross-sectoral approach, focused on promotion of practical, local action for a sustainable world

Kirsten Paaby, Senior Advisor

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