Samenlevingsopbouw Vlaanderen vzw

bnSamenlevingsopbouw Vlaanderen, the Flemish support institute for Community development operates for Flanders and Brussels and supports the eight regional institutes for community development by means of:

  • research, study and coaching;
  • the training and coaching of professional staff, civil servants and volunteers
  • documentation and publications
  • information on fundamental rights: health, education, housing, minimum income

The Community Development sector has some / by and large 300 subsidized community development workers and falls within the remit of the Flemish Minister for Welfare, Health and the Family

Lies Beunens, Coordinator Training and development

Samenlevingsopbouw Vlaanderen vzw
Vooruitgangstraat 323 bus 2
1030 Brussel
T: 02 274 19 67
F: 02 201 05 14