Foundation Desenvolupament comunitari

Fundació Privada Desenvolupament Comunitari (FDC) – i.e Community Development Foundation – is an organization of social economy for innovation, production and management of knowledge in the field of public policy for social development. Its areas of action are public participation, international cooperation, mediation, social and inter cultural inclusion, and accessibility. It works with groups (children, young people, newcomers) in social risk. Activities carried out by FDC:

  • Mediation – interpersonal mediation services, community and neighborhood
  • Participation – stimulating citizen participation to decision making
  • Training- training of professionals in the fields of action of FDC
  • Accessibility – ensuring the access of disabled people to IT services, culture and community life
  • Cooperation – developing countries with partners from third countries to empower them in the areas of participation and mediation
  • Social creativity – promoting the use of art for social inclusion purposes

Gianni Orsini, Responsible Relations Internationals

Fàbrica del Sol (1a planta)
Pg. Salvat Papasseït,1
08003 Barcelona
Tel: 93 2680477
Fax: 93 2680139