The Cesam Foundation:

  • Advisory service to promote community development, active citizenship and participatory democracy
  • Supporting processes in local initiative, project and community
  • Supply training for process orientated work and techniques for democratic meetings
  • Supervision/guidance for process orientated work and community workers

The history of Cesam goes back to the 80`s. The aim of the project in Örebro was to strengthen community development and empowerment in the region. In 1993 Cesam turned into a non-profit foundation and became a national centre for community development, empowerment strategies and participative democracy. The sphere of activity expanded from regional to national. Cesam is financed by consulting assignments and assists voluntary organisations, associations, public or private offices in any part of the process. Cesam uses and develops techniques for democratic meetings. The participation and motivation are maximized for all persons

Hans Andersson, Director

Rudbecksgatan 28,
702 23 Örebro