CAL Association

Local Activity Support Centre – CAL is a non-governmental organization established in 2000 in Warsaw. CAL works for local communities and their development because CAL’s strongest belief is that social change always begins at the local level.


  • promotes local activity,
  • creates educational programs and proposals of legislative changes recommended to central authorities,
  • does research, observation and social diagnosis.
  • supports institutions,
  • supports animators in Poland, educates social animators

Stowarzyszenie Centrum Wspierania Aktywności Lokalnej CAL
Paweł Jordan, Coordinator for International Relations

Bogna Włodarczyk – contact person

CAL Association
Paca 40,
04 – 386 Warszawa, Polska

T/F: (22) 892 42 20
48 22 636 9200