Agora CE’s objective is to reinforce democratic principles at various levels of society by encouraging citizen involvement in decision-making and broadening the consultative space for public debate in the society. Since its foundation in 1998, Agora has played an active role in developing Czech society.

The organization has managed dozens of citizen participation projects on the municipal level including opinion polls, public meetings, workshops, trainings etc.

In 2002 Agora came up with a new concept of public debates inPragueand till today organized about 50 public debates.

In order to support democratic abilities of youth Agora prepared a debating contest for secondary school students that is running for eights year. Every year hundreds of students take part in the debating competition, learn how to debate and how to be active citizens.

Agora also organizes international projects in CEE countries.

In 2005 it prepared a documentary called “(The) Meaning of Democracy” in co-operation with the Czech Television. The aim of the documentary was to attract citizens and representatives, to show them potential of participation and to raise their interest. Agora CE publishes participatory manuals and guides and organizes seminars and conferences in order to support public involvement in CR and other post-communistic countries.

Ivana Bursíková, Director

AGORA Central Europe
Petra Rezka 12, 140 00 Praha 4
T/F: +420 603170974, +420 261222914