Citizen Participation University

EuCDN, the Citizen Participation University and the Co-operative in Kunbábony

EuCDN were part of the founding of the Citizen Participation University (CPU) which has been very successful in promoting local grassroots community work across Europe.  This year perhaps not surprisingly with the Covid pandemic and travel restrictions the decision was taken to cancel the summer event.

Plans and energy is being directed at making the are being made to make the CPU event next year as fruitful as possible.  In the meantime the co-operative in Kunbábony had already made investments to make the venue more comfortable and with Covid have had no income for over 4 months.

EuCDN has already made a donation to the Co-operative to help ensure the future and secure the CPU and we would ask others to consider doing the same.  You can donate, however small it all helps secure the future and build citizen participation in these difficult times when it is most needed.